Services //

I offer hypnosis and energy techniques to help clients deal effectively with habits, thoughts and behaviors that are limiting their health and happiness. People must change their minds to change their lives. My goal is to nurture self empowerment, leading to a healthier, happier life. Here are some issues that I address:

  • Weight

  • Smoking

  • Nervousness

  • Stress

  • Sadness

  • Anger

  • Lack of confidence

  • Poor self esteem

  • Fears

  • Communication

  • Relationships

  • Life transitions

  • Empowerment

  • Healing

  • Pain management

  • Performance (job, sports, testing, etc)

  • Sleep difficulties

Pricing //

An individual one-hour session costs $125. However, the best way to make the changes you desire is to complete at least four sessions. Therefore, I offer a competitive rate for multi-session programs, which are more economical and provide time for better results and the repetition of positive suggestions. The cost for a two-session program is $200; three sessions is $300; and four sessions is $400. The hourly rate for programs is reduced by 20% to $100 per hour. Sessions purchased are redeemable for up to six months from the date of purchase.


On a need basis, I offer senior citizens (65 and older) and college students a reduced hourly rate of $75, and depending on the circumstances, I will offer a sliding scale. Arrangements for discounts must be made in advance. I do not offer any discounted rates for smoking cessation, as my rates for this program are already competitive and smokers must make a firm financial commitment to increase their chances of success.


Payment is due at the time of service by cash, check or credit card.


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Hourly Rate



3 for $300

4 for $400

A program of four sessions is recommended for most issues, although sometimes additional sessions are needed. Clients learn self-hypnosis and practice in between sessions.

Tobacco Cessation:

$400 for 4 hours to be paid in full at first visit.

Tobacco users seek help at varying stages in the process of quitting the habit. If you are not ready to quit, or someone is trying for force you to quit, this program is not for you.


However, if you are contemplating quitting, but not ready to do it yet, hypnosis can help move you in the right direction. In a separate pre-quit session, we can look at the benefits of quitting as well as explore reasons for any resistance to quitting.

This complete program must be paid in full, in advance, because it is part of the commitment you are making to yourself when you decide to quit using tobacco. If you are a pack-a -day smoker, the cost of the program is about what you would spend on cigarettes over a three-month period. For more information about smoking costs see this article The Surprising Cost of a Pack a Day. And you will learn that the health benefits and overall value of this program far outweigh the costs.

If you are ready or almost ready to quit now, you will have one pre-quit appointment and subsequent appointments, which will be scheduled according to how much support you feel you need, and can be spread out over days, weeks or months. During the first (pre-quit) session, we will talk about your habit, attitudes, motivation, and current life situation to see if you are truly ready to quit. If you are, then we will set a quit date and your next appointment will be 24 hours after you have quit. You will receive reading materials proven to help. 

Older smokers can benefit considerably from quitting smoking. Having smoked for a long time and having survived so far, you might see yourself as being less vulnerable to the harm of smoking, be less concerned about the health effects of smoking, be less confident about being able to quit successfully, or not perceive any health benefits from quitting. Hypnosis can help you get motivated to quit forever! 

Dipping. People who dip rather than smoke tend to have a more difficult time quitting than smokers.

No tobacco cessation program can be guaranteed to make you quit.


If you request a refund on a partially used program within 30 days of purchase, your price reverts to the regular hourly rate ($125) e.g. if you have used 2 sessions of a 4-session program that costs $400, you have received a $250 value and you will receive a $150 refund.

Weight Management:

$600 for 6 hours to be paid in full at first visit.

Weight management is not just about food. Environmental cues and triggers, core beliefs about yourself, the attitudes of loved ones, and emotional associations with food are all very important. I take a holistic approach to weight management and address it on a number of different levels. Clients may or may not be overweight, but all are struggling with their relationship to food in some way. If you have a diagnosed eating disorder, I recommend that you are simultaneously under the care of a licensed health professional (clinical psychologist, physician, social worker, psychiatrist etc.)..

Special 2-hour Session:

$200 ($250 value!)

Sometimes a two-hour session is much better than one, such as for stress-busting, confidence boosting, procrastination, public speaking, test anxiety, motivation and other special concerns.